One of my favorite things on planet earth is tools. Our tools enable us to perform tasks and achieve goals. Tools come in all shapes and sizes! from climbing equipment, to a food processor to saws. I like to have the right tool for the job. Here are some of my favorite construction tools from the collection I have built up over the years.

Festool Dust Extractor

Festool makes tools of the highest quality and their dust extractors are so helpful to keep your workspace clean and yourself healthy. These come equipped with HEPA filters and auto start. Connecting these dust extractors up to your sander or saw cleans up a mess before it is even made. Pictured here is my festool Midi. Check out the whole line of festool dust extractors.

6″ Orbital Sander

When the sanding task requires a little more effort a 6 inch sander is good for the job. I use this tool for finishing wood slabs, automotive paint and detailing and stripping paint from siding or decks. This makita sander comes with a systainer compatible case and pairs well with a dust extractor.

Cabinet Saw

A table saw is perfect for cutting down sheet materials. This saw stop professional cabinet saw makes my life much easier and safe with its automated braking technology. These types of saws are crucial for woodworking but also for engineered materials like acrylics and plastics.

Hand Tools

Last but certainly not least are hand tools. These are critical. There are many different types so make sure you have the right ones for the job at hand. Some high quality brands to look at are Stanley, Klein, Channellock, Dewalt, and Craftsman.

Milwuakee Cordless Circular Saw

Cordless tools are absolutely perfect for many tasks and reduce your setup time along with keeping walkways clear of cords. I am partial to the Milwaukee 18 volt line of tools. This cordless circular saw is great for rough framing and demo. I had to track down the additional dust attachment that is sold in Europe so that I could attach it to my dust extractor.

Cordless Sander

Another favorite cordless tool of mine is this Milwaukee 18 volt cordless sander. This makes life very easy when paint prepping or refinishing surfaces. It is best to have extra batteries charging while in use

Cordless Trim Router

Sticking with the trend of Milwaukee tools, this 18 volt cordless trim router is a life saver in many situations. I have used it to cut circles and even to mill aluminum down to size.

Miter Saw

Another crucial shop tool is the miter saw. I use this 12′ dual compound miter saw made by Ryobi. It is a great saw for framing, cutting trim and flooring.

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