What is an RAUV?

RAUV stands for RESIDENT AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE and is simply a modification to current Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) through the inclusion of a docking station. This station allows these vehicles to conduct missions through established subsea presence with a reduced need for deployability and recovery through human intervention.




With the implementation of RAUV systems, an extended subsea presence is achieved and allows for increased:

1. Scientific knowledge through subsea mapping and awareness of ocean currents which affect global climate.

Sea Map

2. Military Awareness through sensing political and physical threats.


3. Industry efficiency through various means, such as underwater cable maintenance.


4. Emergency Response to include but not limited to: earthquake aftershock monitoring and crashed or lost passenger vehicles.




  1. Docking System Prototype shall be fully operational within underwater conditions.
  2. Docking System Prototype shall provide proper entering, arresting, and exiting of the vehicles side of the system with dock.
  3. Docking System Prototype shall be mechanically robust as to simulate vehicle docking operations for the period of one year.
  4. Design of Docking System Prototype shall be scalable for future development in terms of size and strength.
  5. Design of Docking System Prototype shall allow for ease of iteration, repair, and logistic considerations.
  6. Prove success of docking mission via electrical system.




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