Mechanical Engineer, Roboticist, Maker

Ongoing Education:
Ph.D Candidate in Mechanical Engineering @ UHM
Research Topic: Robot localization and modeling of dynamic environment features

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering @ UHM 2021

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering @ UHM 2019

Wa’ahila Ridge Trail; Honolulu, Hi

Diverse Work History

My professional experience is in mechanical design, autonomous system engineering, design for manufacture and product release, state estimation, and control systems. I have worked on a diverse range of robotic systems; from large construction robots to compact autonomous underwater vehicles. I enjoy leading teams and projects.

My research focuses on making machines and systems more capable of high fidelity and highly “intelligent” performance. I go about this by building upon and combining the foundations of system design, control theory, dynamical systems, machine learning and state estimation to find automated solutions to complex problems.

Résumé / CV





  • CAD • GD&T • Machining • Electronics • Construction • Scuba Certified
  • Matlab • Python • Linux • GitHub • LATEX

Finding Inspiration in our beautiful, ingenious world.

Kilauea Iki crater, Volcano National Park; Volcano, Hi